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Eastern White Pine Flooring


-Widths:        4”-12” (nominal)

-Lengths:      1’-16’ (nominal)

-Thickness:   3/4”

-Available in a Solid

-Available in Unfinished

-Custom grades from Select to Rustic

-Locally sourced, historically accurate Maine flooring!

-Develops a “pumpkin pine” patina over time along with subtle character markings (dings and pings)

that enhance the rustic, New England Farmhouse style.

-Stains very well and looks great with Old Antique Cut Nails.

Eastern White Pine

It has been argued that because the Eastern White Pine was valued by the 18th century British Navy as mast stock, it was as much a factor in the American Revolution as the Boston Tea Party.
The knotty floor with planks over two feet wide will send your home back to colonials days.  A perfect finishing touch is a hand rubbed tung oil finish and old fashioned square cut face nails.

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