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Red Birch Flooring


-Widths:        2.25” – 8”

-Lengths:      1’-10’ (nominal)

-Thickness:   ½”-3/4”

-Available in a Solid or Engineered

-Available in Unfinished or Prefinished

-Custom grades from Select to Rustic

-Locally sourced

-Selectively graded from Yellow Birch timber for its reddish heart wood

-A truly unique flooring option featuring a silky reddish brown iridescent quality.

Red Birch Hardwood Flooring

Harvested in the foothills of the Northern Appalachians, the "heart" of the yellow birch tree yields an almost cherry like luster.  Smooth in texture and rich in color it is not uncommon to find a luminescent flame in the grain.


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