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Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Refinishing Hardwood Floors at Atlantic Hardwoods

We employ our own sanding & finishing crews to ensure quality work. We follow National Wood Flooring Association’s guidelines for floor finishing. We take special care to reduce dust by using modern “state of the Art” equipment and providing dust containment tarps.

We use hard finishes that meet all EPA regulations. We offer polyurethane in oil or water base, Danish oil and tongue oils. We can customize stain colors to meet your needs.

Flooring Finishes

There are several finishes that are available to be used on any of the species of wood that we offer.

ZERO VOC’s - By Rubio Monocoat; This is an natural oil base finish that enters a molecular binding within the wood floor fibers. This is a one coat application that offers great durability and a variety of stain colors. The only finish that offers Zero VOC’s!

POLY WHEY FINISH - By Vermont Natural Coatings; Using recycled Whey Protein, replaces toxic components traditionally used in wood floor finishes. A whey protein comes from Vermont’s long heritage in dairy farming and cheese making. This is an environmentally safe finish that meets all the highest professional standards including great durability.

TUNG OIL: Used originally to waterproof and protect ship’s wood that endured exposure to harsh sea conditions, the small molecules of this oil can penetrate even the densest of woods. Waterlox Tung Oil uses tung oil, resin, mineral spirits and other ingredients resulting in a natural, wood penetrating, hand-oiled appearance. Waterlox Tung Oil is available in satin, semi gloss or high gloss.

OIL BASED: Originally produced for bowling alleys in 1936, this petroleum based finish is a blend of resins, plasticizers and other film forming elements. This finish brings out the color of the wood and ambers as it ages. Atlantic Hardwoods follows Maine’s VOC laws regarding solvent based finishes.

WATER-BORNE: A mix of synthetic resins, plasticizers and other film-forming ingredients, this rapid drying finish contains low VOCs with little odor. It will not amber, but will change somewhat in color with aging. Atlantic Hardwoods recommends four coats of this finish vs. the standard three coats, as it is thinner in application than oil-based finish.

EMULSION: Very successful after only a few years on the market, this combines the best qualities of oil and water-based finishes. While still capable of bringing out the amber tones of the wood like an oil-based finish, the emulsion of this water-borne finish is self sealing and internally cross-linked so that no separate catalyst is necessary ( as would be with a regular water-borne finish).

Maintaining Hardwood Flooring

Daily maintenance will require keeping your floor free from grit and dirt that can break down the surface finish. We recommend dust mopping your floor or using the "soft" attachement to your vacuum for daily cleaning. Once a week use a cleaner that is made exclusively for wood floors. We recommend Bona Kemi products.

At Atlantic hardwoods we carry a full line of Bona Kemi products. It is important to use their terri-cloth towel. DO NOT USE SOAP OR WAX ON YOUR HARDWOOD FLOORING, THESE PRODUCTS WILL PRODUCE A BUILD UP ON YOUR FLOOR.

Wood Flooring will perform better when your interior environment is controlled to stay within a relative humidity ranging from 30 to 50 percent and temperature maintained between 60 to 80 degrees. This will avoid excessive movement of your wood flooring.