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Yellow Birch Flooring


-Widths:        2.25” – 8”

-Lengths:      1’-10’ (nominal)

-Thickness:   ½”-3/4”

-Available in a Solid or Engineered

-Available in Unfinished or Prefinished

-Custom grades from Select to Rustic

-Locally sourced, very hard and durable.

-Popular choice for homes in Maine due to its hardness, durability and local sourcing.

-One of a kind color variations from golden blonde to silky reddish hues.

-Also available in matching stair treads

Yellow Birch Flooring

Yellow Birch is another one of our locally harvested timbers.  It has a mellow, laid back grain, but coupled with its subdued color variations, can create a very modern feel.  Yellow birch often has an iridescent, almost 3-D figuring to the grain creating a true show-piece for your floor.  The color variations can include light colored sap-wood to a rich reddish brown heart wood.

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